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Holcomb Timber and Tree Services works hard to always bring a combination of time honored practices and cutting edge tree work technology to every job. From everyday dead tree removal, to complicated and dangerous fallen limbs, Holcomb Timber and Tree Service is always glad to get the job done right.

Residential Tree Removal

Specializing in climbing and rigging techniques, allowing for top of the line tree removal and pruning of any tree in any situation.  All of our work comes with our No Nonsense Guarantee, from start to finish.

We love working with our Lane County residents to create the safest, affordable, and most efficient plan for them. With all the tools for every job, we are able to handle the full range of residential tree removal or other services like, pruning, crown reduction, crane removals, and clearing small lots for developments.


After contacting us we will set up a convenient time to investigate the parcel and create a harvest plan tailored around the needs and desires of our clients. We will obtain all legal logging permits from the Oregon Department of Forestry, and create a Log Sales Agreement that we then send to our network of local mills that we have developed lasting relationships with. At this stage of the process we begin the clearing and harvesting of lumber! Once the logs are bucked, they get sent to the lumber mills to be finished. Lumber mills (generally) pay out twice a month, or every third Friday. The payout for the finished logs are sent separately to the land owner and logging operator as per the terms of the Log Sales Agreement.

Emergency Services

Tree emergencies can be scary, let us help.  With a rapid response team ready to address critical issues immediately and ensure the safety of your family and property, we are here to turn a scary situation into a solution.

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